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  • Are You Scared

    7 seasons

    Horror aficionados Ryan and Shane read the internet’s scariest stories in the infinite dark void.

  • Travel Season

    1 season

    The gang is back together and trust us, the wait was worth it! Tune in May 31st for a brand new show from Steven Lim, Andrew Ilnyckyj, and Adam Bianchi.

  • Travel Season Roundtable

    1 season

    Ryan Bergara sits down with the faces behind Travel Season to get the scoop on what goes into each episode.

  • Survival Mode

    3 seasons

    Horror pros Shane & Ryan play through different spooky video games to try and best virtual ghouls.

  • Welcome to Watcher!

  • Puppet History Karaoke!

    1 season

    The Professor's had plenty of uh... very interesting musical guests over the years. Now it's your turn to take the stage! Be on the lookout for more song selections over the coming weeks in this WatcherTV exclusive!

  • Ghost Files

    2 seasons

    Paranormal believer Ryan and his skeptic friend Shane investigate the world’s most haunted places.