• Travel Season

    1 season

    The gang is back together and trust us, the wait was worth it! Tune in May 31st for a brand new show from Steven Lim, Andrew Ilnyckyj, and Adam Bianchi.

  • Travel Season Roundtable

    1 season

    Ryan Bergara sits down with the faces behind Travel Season to get the scoop on what goes into each episode.

  • Survival Mode

    3 seasons

    Horror pros Shane & Ryan play through different spooky video games to try and best virtual ghouls.

  • Ghost Files

    2 seasons

    Paranormal believer Ryan and his skeptic friend Shane investigate the world’s most haunted places.

  • Ghost Files Debrief

    2 seasons

    Each week Ryan and Shane look back at their most compelling evidence, BTS moments, and answer fan-submitted questions.

  • Road Files

    1 season

    Join Ryan and Shane on the road as they travel for Ghost Files in this WatcherTV exclusive.

  • Mystery Files

    2 seasons

    Ryan and Shane present their latest unhinged deep dives- covering all things mysterious.

  • Mystery Files Debrief

    1 season

    Ryan and Shane discuss the week's Mystery Files episode and address viewers' questions and theories.

  • Puppet History

    6 seasons

    Join the Professor as he takes Ryan Bergara and a special guest through the heavy, heavy book we call history.

  • Puppet History Karaoke!

    1 season

    The Professor's had plenty of uh... very interesting musical guests over the years. Now it's your turn to take the stage! Be on the lookout for more song selections over the coming weeks in this WatcherTV exclusive!

  • Weird Wonderful World

    3 seasons

    Shane and Ryan explore this weird, wonderful world together and invite you to come along for the ride.

  • Dish Granted

    3 seasons

    Steven attempts to bring the dream dishes of friends and family to life, sparing no expense!

  • Are You Scared

    7 seasons

    Horror aficionados Ryan and Shane read the internet’s scariest stories in the infinite dark void.

  • Too Many Spirits

    8 seasons

    Ryan & Shane read audience-submitted spooky stories while "enjoying" drinks prepared by rookie bartender Steven. With each season shot in a single night, who knows what will happen by the end.

  • Worth A Shot

    2 seasons

    Cocktail maestro Ricky Wang is put to the test by guests who challenge him to incorporate unusual ingredients into their dream drink.

  • Top 5 Beatdown

    5 seasons

    Ryan and Shane invite a special guest to passionately debate the top 5 of completely asinine topics.

  • Food Files

    1 season

    Go behind-the-scenes with Ryan and Shane on tour as they investigate fan-suggested local foods!

  • Making Watcher

    1 season

    An intimate look behind the scenes with Watcher and the people who bring its shows to life.

  • Watcher One-Offs

    1 season

    Sometimes we get up to some one-off shenanigans.

  • Eat Like Me

    1 season

    Steven replicates the daily diets of people very, very different from him.

  • Pretty Historic

    1 season

    Take a look at history's wildest beauty trends and recreate them with our host Selorm Kploanyi.

  • Spooky Small Talk

    1 season

    Ryan interviews guests while they both try and make it through a haunted maze.

  • Homemade
    1 season


    1 season

    How do homemade dishes stack up against their restaurant counterparts? Steven wants to find out.

  • Grocery Run

    1 season

    Steven takes his guests grocery shopping for a unique interview that ends in him footing the bill for their cart.

  • Social Distancing D&D

    1 season

    Shane takes Ryan, Steven, and Katie on a dice rolling adventure during the peak of the pandemic.