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Mystery Files

The Deranged Arsonist Who Filmed Their Own Crime

Up Next in Season 2

  • The World’s Most Mysterious Book That...

    Shane goes on a deep dive into the Voynich Manuscript, the old book full of unexplained text and strange drawings that has a fanbase of its own. Sensitive Topics: None

  • The Toxic Blobs That Rained Down On W...

    Ryan explores the incident of the Oakville Blobs, the strange goo that rained over Oakville, Washington and got residents and animals sick. Sensitive Topics: Animal death, illnesses, potential trypophobia

  • The Phantom Air Raid That Plunged LA ...

    Shane tells Ryan about the Battle of Los Angeles, the bizarre air raid that took place in California during WWII and definitely NOT the movie. Sensitive topics: Descriptions of bodily injuries